I remember shopping many years ago in the city with my grandmother who was always outfitted with her mandatory gloves and hat.   Where ever we went, sales clerks (that’s what they used to call them) would graciously help us with whatever we needed, no matter which department they worked or where they had to look.  Having grown up in a big city and had the exposure to some of the famous stores of yesteryear,  I Magnin, City of Paris, and Gumps (at the original 250 Sutter address), I have always remembered the good feeling of being well taken care of by everyone.   Rarely do I see this type of customer service any more, and that is why we strive to meet or exceed this example at Table Top & Home.

 Like a concierge at a fine hotel we really care about our clients.  We want our customers to enjoy their visit to our store, return for future shopping experiences and let everyone know how well they were treated.  We follow the same equation as many of the fine hotels: We treat ladies and gentlemen like ladies and gentlemen. 

However, before we can practice any rules on good customer service we have to note our staff.  We only hire employees who genuinely like people and are interested in others.  All good things start with our cheerful and professional staff and without them, it just wouldn’t make sense to be in business. We make sure that good customer service is not only expected but exemplified throughout all levels of our business, including behind the scene procedures and policies that we know ultimately have an impact on customer satisfaction. 

We also believe that everyone who walks though our doors is a customer: past present or future.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what you need, we are here to assist you in order for you to make informed decision on what you may be purchasing.  This is why we spend a particularly good amount of time training our staff on the products we carry.  We pride ourselves on keeping up with every new introduction from our valued vendors.  We have regular visits from our vendor representatives to keep up on available products, deliveries and quality performance.  There is a lot of detail to behind the scene product support. 

We have the expertise to be able to walk each and every customer through our store to show unique details to just about everything they see.  We understand that it could be a bit overwhelming to consider all the products we stock or can special order, but this is why our staff is so valuable.  They know their stuff.  Any member of our staff will be able to ask the right questions and can help guide our customers so they are able to understand what makes any particular product unique.   Their explanation of nuances between comparable products should further guarantee customer satisfaction.  These important customer considerations are one of the reasons our bridal and gift registry program is so successful.   We know what items lay the important foundation for setting up a new household or giving a gracious and meaningful gift.  It is all in the details.

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