Many of our customers come into our store with paint chip colors and tile samples to find the perfect matching towels for their bathroom.

Elegance Towels

 That is why our new and astute employee Philippa recommended that we purchase some popular marble, limestone, granite and travertine tile to merchandise with the towels in our bath section of the store.  By having these tiles alongside the towels, our customers can easily see what towel colors work with what.  Further, Philippa went through all our additional towels swatches and is putting together a list of what special order towels may coordinate and compliment these stone finishes.   It is a great solution to the questions often asked, “What goes with this?”  Thank you, Philippa and Katie for your great ingenuityand implementation.   It inspired me to revamp our bath section on the website.  I just finished putting the new Christy elegance towels on line and you can link to these products below:   I promise to put more on line very soon.

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