It has been a fairly long down season in our house.  We have had the winter down comforter on the bed and it is almost June.  Each week I think it is time to pull off this puffy wonder for the sleeker and lighter comforter stored away, but then another rain storm, wind or chilly evening shows up and the winter down has been welcome. 

This week however, my husband and I were just plain uncomfortable.  It was just crazy to spend another night tossing, and turning because we were just too warm. So yesterday I made the switch.  What a huge difference that made!  This morning, I woke up early and well rested to greet the sun rising, birds singing and a new day ahead.  In hindsight, I should have done this a while ago. 

For those who have never enjoyed having a summer weight down, I would heartily recommend getting one.  By having just enough down fill in the comforter to insulate heat in combination with a good quality cover to wick away moisture, your quality of sleep will dramatically improve.   For this time of season, I prefer the down over a thermal blanket, because I like to sleep in cooler room.  

So, I officially have my summer bed made, which means also means a lighter colored coverlet and a few new decorative pillows on it to freshen up the look.   Although I have the new day ahead of me, I am also looking forward to tonight.  You could too!

A good quality summer weight down will run about $400.00 to $600.00 dollars at our store.  They will provide years of satisfaction, so the cost can be prorated to pennies a night.  We stock our mid-price range comforters in queen and king.  For our more luxurious qualities, we can special order them with a quick turnaround from our supplier, Scadia Down.  Enjoy

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