We just knew when we found this simple stately collection of aromatic bath, body and home fragrance products that we had a best seller.  Today, first day on the floor proved us right.  Customers have been trying, smelling and buying all the various fragrances we offer.  Try the Shoreline fragrance as shown above:  tranquil as a day at the beach with a clean crisp scent.  The shea butter lotion is packed with a lot of moisturizing greats like aloe vera extract, vegetable glycerin and a mega dose of shea butter.   I am particularly fond of the washed cotton collection!  Of course the name says it all, clean, crisp washed cotton.   This fragrance brings me back to my childhood and the memories of the smell of our sheets and towels drying on the line.  No wonder these have been flying out the door all day.

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