Refinement is in the detail, and no detail is too small to share about the items purveyed as well as cherish at my retail store, Table Top & Home.





The store is located in beautiful downtown Bellevue, Washington.

It is my goal to offer a beautiful, well assorted and welcoming retail environment that affords our clients a stress-free opportunity to shop comfortably at their leisure.

The assortment of items chosen for the store are considered for their workmanship, style and functionality at every price level offered.





Behind every product there is a reason why it accompanies the other great things in the store. Behind the item you might fancy, is an artisan, a passion, and a person who would want you to know about how their product(s) came to be.  I can tell you these details, so your purchase establishes a start point for your heirloom-to-be.   Enjoy the detail, share the story, and collect your memories.

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