I have spent a career selling white and ivory.  Although everyone swears they love color and pattern, when it comes to sheets, white and ivory lead by yards (no pun intended) from everything else.

I have tried to figure why this is:  Is it because for the cost of luxury sheets, customers pull back and act conservatively?   Is it because sheets are like a white shirt and can go with just about everything?  Or is it because with so much color coming at everyone from all directions, just about everyone needs a rest from color?  Whatever the reason, I too am dedicated or perhaps addicted to white and ivory. 

Understandably, at Table Top & Home we take neutrals seriously.  So every sheet type that we stock in the store has to be relevant.   All of our sheet types are tried and true by our staff, and we continue to generate testimonials from our customers who keep coming back for more.  We keep in mind value and offer styles that newlywed to nearly dead can afford (than is an affectionate term for those who sleep Lucy and Desi style).  Most importantly we focus on offering variety among the category.

We offer percale sheets for those who prefer a cool to the touch feel. Percale can also be described as crisp to the hand.  In time, percale becomes buttery soft and many people talk about how this type of sheet reminds them of their grandmother’s.  Percale sheets also tend to wrinkle less because of the type of weave.   For those who want no fuss percale and don’t mind a bit of polyester, we offer the best “easy care” sheet available.  

Also in our sheet assortment we stock a good variety of sateen weaves.  Produced to feel silky, these sheets have sheen to them created by the floating threads in the weave.  This type of sheet is considered smooth to the hand and is preferred by those who want more drape as well as a warmer touch.  Because we prefer lighter weight versions of this type of sheeting, we stock single ply (under 500TC) in a variety price points.  Once you touch what you like however, price may become irrelevant.

Apart from cotton, we also stock two types of alternative fiber sheets.  Both made from wood fiber, these new fiber sheets could spoil you for life.  There is no thread count for these micro fiber linens, but they are light and luxurious like fine silk.  Created to wick away moisture as well as insulate, these linens are a great solution for those who sleep hot or cold.   

We are confident that we have something for almost everyone.  We stock the largest assortment of fine linens in the Seattle greater area and perhaps the Northwest.   It is our privilege to offer you our expertise, so you may choose confidently.

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