A successful registry is a tool to help guide gift preferences for those giving to those receiving.

Marshall Fields Final for webEvolved from ancient times of dowries in exchange for a bride or marriage chests created in preparation for the bride, it was Chicago founded department store Marshall Fields that modernized gift giving as we know it today, by initializing the first gift registry in 1924.

A traditional wedding registry is an organized and prepared list of items for household use which could likely includes fine china, everyday china, crystal and glassware, flatware, servingware, and fine linens.  More contemporary registries can include casual living items like kitchen appliances and outdoor equipment.  Some registries may expand to specific interests or novelty themes.

This registry list is then made available to guests for them to choose the gifts with less likelihood of the recipients receiving duplicate or unwanted gifts.

Today, many people create universal registries by linking their various registries on one registry site.


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