Luxury Tablecloths – Are they worth it?

As we prepare for the holidays, attention on table linens is heighten as many of our celebrations are focused around food and entertaining.  But what is really important to know about purchasing  a fine tablecloth?  More importantly is the investment worth it? Foremost, what should a good table cloth and napkins cost?  Keeping in mind that a tablecloth should offer you years of enjoyment and satisfaction, I think you should be prepared to spend about as...

Who Registers for Gifts Anymore?

Who registers for gifts anymore? In a world where experiences seem to dominate the registry seen, many soon-to-be married couples ask for cash or coupons to redeem for honeymoon adventures.  However, don't you think there are equally wonderful experiences to create with friends and family in your happily ever after?   Dream about the potential family get-togethers, soirees, bridal and baby showers as well as romantic nights you will spend in the future ...

Juliska On Point With Bridal Registries

Capucine DeWulf Gooding, Creative Director at Juliska nailed it with this fabulous bridal registry video.  I applaud her tutorial on how to create a registry in preparation of the years ahead. We have worked with many "to-be" brides and grooms on how to create a wedding registry that will afford them a lifetime of enjoyment.  Although there are many alternatives to traditional registry items, I still believe registering for classic elegant entertaining ite
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